moussa and zamzam

By Tipim Kayik

Istanbul, Turkey

These are my collage painting works about climate change. We destroy nature. Soon we'll be eating pixelated fruits and there will be no nature for taking selfies. Even if muses won't save us, we have to learn to be humble. We have to accept that we are part of the world.
Nature is the genuine artist. It creates every minute again and again. We are also part of nature although we forget. We learned to create from nature. We drew animals, trees and rivers on the cave walls. We were inspired from the sound of water, so we invented music. We learned to dance from birds. My main purpose is to remind people of this.
Tipim Kayık is an independent artist who lives in Istanbul, Turkey. She colors fashion photos and makes collages. Her works are about life, death, fashion, personality, alliens, space and religions. Also she likes playing guitar, making songs, spending time with children and being clown.