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A digital archive collecting personal observations of our changing world.


As the spaces around us transform or disappear from the effects of climate change and human activity, remembering places that have held meaning for us is more important than ever. Impermanent Earth is an experimental art project that gathers memories of changing spaces across all forms of media. As the project grows and new entries are added, we hope to gain a better understanding of the effect climate change is having on our lives, and how people in other locations are dealing with and adapting to that change. 

Join us

Interested in joining our team or helping out? Contact us through email or social media and tell us a little about yourself! We're currently looking for additional writing and art editors, as well as more general staff to help with social media and newsletters.



About Our Editors

Rachel TonThat is a conceptual artist and writer working with narrative structures around the themes of climate change, memory, and space-time. She is part of the art book duo, Oreades Press, with Irene Lee, and was a founding curator of the Zurich off space, Egg. She was selected this year for the inaugural She Who Has No Masters writing mentorship through the Diasporic Vietnamese Artists Network, and her writing has been published in Sine Theta Magazine, The Forgetory and more.


Irene Lyla Lee is a writer, publisher and educator dedicated to storytelling and the places where land and imagination meet. Irene’s writing has appeared in Visitant, The Rumpus, The Brooklyn Rail and more. She is also founder of the small press, ilylali, and co-founder of Boar Hair Books with Debo Mouloudji. She organizes with the Brooklyn Women’s Writing Group. Irene holds an MFA in Writing from Pratt Institute. She is teaching herself to dance on unceded Lenapehoking, Brooklyn, NY.


Anthony J. Cassarino obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from Penn West University, and could write before he could read. He co-founded Eldersin Studios and works as an indie game developer. His most recent game, which he has been working on as Narrative Designer, has been showcased at Pax West 2022.  His hobbies include gaming, adventuring, and of course, writing. His works have been published in The Dryland and Impermanent Earth.


Special thanks to the dedicated volunteer readers who continue to help us read through our submissions.