by Meghanad Ganpule

Mumbai, India

As a resident of the city of Mumbai, I have observed so many changes and challenges in last 20 years. In Mumbai we are facing less awareness about environmental issues, even while we are facing water shortages here. 


Every day an increase in construction, air pollution, and water pollution leads Mumbai into a dangerous situation. Aside from the monsoon, we hardly get to see clear blue sky, otherwise there is always dust and haze in the air. Because of all these kinds of pollution we are facing health issues like asthma, skin allergies or diseases. 


I want to create awareness about all these current issues and particularly on why we need to conserve our natural resources like soil and water. Otherwise one day we are going to face very unhealthy tomorrow.

Meghanad Ganpule is an artist from Mumbai, India . He has completed his masters in Portrait Painting and is working as a professional fine art photographer. He has had solo and group exhibitions in India and abroad. https://www.meghanad.com/