by Jessica Carvajal

Philadelphia, PA


With this piece, I want to illustrate the consequences of human activity on marine life and air quality. This graphic interpretation shows the reaction of the natural dissolution of daily CO2 emissions by the oceans which forms carbonic acid H2CO3 and thus increases the concentration of the hydrogen ion, which is responsible for the decrease in the pH of the ocean. This situation contributes to the warming of the oceans, the dissolution of calcium structures such as coral reefs, and radical changes in the physiology, feeding, and reproduction of marine species.


I found my passion for visual arts when I discovered how one image can represent, empower or move communities for common causes. I consider that it is important to recognize and take advantage of the impact that optical messages are playing in social, political, and environmental issues around the globe, and how can we capture and share our ideas, beliefs, and stories of change and power through a universal visual language.

Jessica Carvajal is an Industrial designer, illustrator, and artist resident of Philadelphia-PA, her artwork is based on the representation of heritage culture, biodiversity, natural roots, and recognition of territory.