California on Fire

by Jennifer Frederick

Tucson, Arizona

This was made as the fires raging this year in California and the West Coast of the US continued to force people from their homes and to change the landscape with their destruction. California on Fire is a collage made of old magazines. These fires particularly hit home as my mother lives in Arizona and was witnessing the smoke come down as she went about her everyday life going to the grocery store and taking my youngest sister to school. The smoke exacerbated their breathing problems and reminded me that I will be unable to visit as long as the fires continue because of my own asthma.

Jennifer Frederick an artist,  writer, and law student at University of Maryland Baltimore. She has been writing since a young age, has created collages since 2016, and loves log rolling. She can be found on Twitter @collagesofcolle and on Tumblr as collagesofcollege.