by Edward Supranowicz

Lancaster, Ohio

I have never minded isolation when it has been my choice. But when another person or outside influence causes me to be confined against my will, desire, and wishes, I tend to see it as imprisonment. I see all these curfews, social distancing, and cautions as dangerous and unhealthy if they last too long and people get too used to them. There are too many parallels with totalitarian societies in literature and in real life. I was working as an instructor in an after school program for elementary students before everything in society came crashing down. Probably won’t find work again until someone in power declares the “emergency” is over. Death is dark and frightening, and most are not in any hurry to die, but if fear of death overwhelms everything else, then life itself has been killed. 

I have been doing digital paintings and drawings for the last 10 years. It is a good fit to my personality and nature, being able go forward, then back, then back and forward, and not having to worry about wasted canvas. And digital work allows for sharing work with more than one person rather than just one person owning a painting. I used Photoshop before, but it got to be too expensive, so now I use GIMP which is free source. Now, during the pandemic, art is about all that keeps me going. Even if there are no physical places open, one can open new lands of thought and beauty through art. 

Edward Michael Supranowicz is the Grandson of Irish and Russian/Ukrainian immigrants. He grew up on a small farm in Southeastern Ohio. His artwork and poems have appeared in various journals in the US and other countries. Selected works can be seen at