IE Open Call page

What to Submit

  • short or longform nonfiction and poetry
  • visual art with a written description
  • voice recordings, sound art, and etc.

Issue 3: Climate & Social Justice

Environmentalism has always been linked to social justice. Climate change affects and will affect those in the global South the most, while in countries all over the world a number of factors including class, income, and race force some groups to live in areas with increased exposure to air pollution and contaminants.

For our third issue we invite you to share experiences that meet at the intersection of the environment and social justice. These can be experiences with gentrification, urbanization, or exposure of you or your community to harm. It might also take the form of a lack of support from the government or social services. We hope some of you will also have positive stories to share, such as restoration of land, wins against development and deforestation, or successful outreach programs that have aided your community or that you have participated in.